About MRC Symposium 2024

Robotic technology helps to realize new surgical procedures and many medical treatments that were previously unachievable. To date, innovative technology like medical robotics has already and will further improve the performance of minimally invasive intervention, allowing more accessible surgical treatments. With the advancement of robotic technologies across the scales, novel robotic-assisted surgical procedures and therapeutic interventions are revolutionizing medical diagnosis and treatment solutions, which enable or enhance the visualization, accessibility, and accuracy for surgeons to carry out minimally invasive interventions, benefiting medical doctors and patients worldwide.

The research field of medical robotics is rapidly growing and interdisciplinary. It involves not only scientists and engineers but also medical professionals with diverse expertise. The engagement and input of medical professionals are crucial in the clinical translation of medical robotics. The MRC Symposium, organized by the MRC and supported by the InnoHK funding of the HKSAR Government, aims to connect the worlds of medicine and robotics, focusing on engineering innovation with a strong emphasis on medical robotics and their clinical applications. It will provide a valuable opportunity for participants across different disciplines to present their latest and rapid advances in medical robotics. Speakers in this symposium consist of pioneers in medical robotics and leading international experts in the relevant fields across the world. It will also act as a synergistic platform for clinicians, engineers and researchers to exchange new ideas and forge new innovations for medical robotics. In addition, the workshop sessions will have live demonstrations of the cutting-edge medical robots, offering opportunities for participants to observe the operation by clinicians and have hands-on trials. 

Topics of Interest
The topics of interest include but are not limited to the following:

  • Endoluminal robotic technologies
  • Miniature and micro-/nanorobotics
  • Electromagnetic-actuated Endoluminal Robotic Navigation
  • Image-guided robotic interventions
  • Biomedical imaging & AI
  • Other advanced medical technologies